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Titoff Tower

About Us

Axiom’s business model (ECN/STP) offers complete anonymity, full transparency, advanced execution, direct and competitive market prices and spreads. This creates a trading environment with no re-quotes and no conflict of interests or bias against any trader or trading system including automated systems and scalping.




Axiom Traders Limited is an online trading service provider company located at Titoff Place, 24.5 Old Northern Highways, Boston Village, Belize District, Belize, Central America.


Axiom Traders started its operations in 2015. Since our foundation in Belize, Central America in 2015, we have succeeded and grown by listening to our clients and meeting their needs and financial interests. During this working period Axiom Traders formed a team of professional and specialists in the field of online trading. The team is comprised of group of professionals in the financial industry, financial consultancy, dealing services, legal and compliance support as well as operations and marketing. The Axiom Traders team is constantly growing and attracting clients and traders from various fields who are conected to online trading service providers.


The founder of Axiom Traders bonds himself by defined objectives and set about creating the fastest and most accurate trading execution service in the region as the founder himself understand the brokerage business and has extensive connections with the liquidity provider firms and banks through out the world. These connections proved and soon positioned Axiom Traders among some of the best online trading service provider.


Axiom Traders is working very actively to provide its services through out the world and have different Introducing Brokers, Partners around the world who are individuals and corporations as well. Axiom Traders constantly seeks new opportunities while maintain complete focus on the business in hand. Working with our clients as strategic partners, we create and execute winning solutions, which address our clients' most pressing strategic, financial and trading needs any where in the world.


Axiom Traders's CEO and the management believes in the philosophy "Learn to Earn" and for this Axiom Traders has developed a knowledgeable website for the beginners to start the online business from investing as low as $100 in micro accounts. You can go to the Home page to see the entire website and the tabs.


Axiom Traders with its team of professionals always try to provide the best services to its clients /  investors doing business with us.

Our Mission

Axiom Traders's mission is to provide the best online broker services to its clients / investors with instant execution and deals.


In order to stake out and retain a position as a major market force, we aim to progressively grow our business by consolidating a leading position in FX and CFDs Futures. Our goal is to place customer interests first; we strive to empower our customers by facilitating their individual strategies and their financial needs. Across all our activities, we behave like a challenger, actively geared toward constant improvement. 

Our Vision

Axiom Traders's ambition is to always be at the leading edge in the field of brokerage and online trading services.


We are committed to constantly reappraising ourselves and further developing our business model to ensure we remain assured and confident in an ever-changing landscape. We strive to be professionals driven by a spirit of conquest. We have a commitment to be ‘better’ in everything we do, to anticipate our customers’ needs to create value for them, for our employees,  for our shareholders, for our partners and our clients.

Our Focus

Our business focus is directly driven by the needs of our clients. To deliver on these needs, we’ve developed a truly innovative organization with global reach and professional expertise, spanning a wide range of products and services.


Axiom Traders  is a global brokerage firm concentrating both on execution and clearing services for listed  foreign exchange and CFDs Futures and Arbitrage Tradingf; this is our core business. We continue to develop multi-asset capabilities and value-added services such as AxTr ELITE Club, Special Offers, WhiteLabel Partners.

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