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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Question: Is Axiom Traders registered?

Answer   : Yes. Axiom Traders is registered in Belize since March 2015, and our address is Titoff Place, 24.5 Northern Highways, Boston Village, Belize District, Belize, Central America.


We have our other offices in other locations, CLICK HERE to go to the Contact Us page.


Question: How can I become Axiom Traders Client? 

Thank you for becoming our client. 


  • Register yourself a AXIOMIAN THE ELITE Member CLICK HERE AXIOMIAN ELITE Members are provided with useful tool for their funds management and trading account management. It contains loads of useful information as well. After registration you will get an access to all company's services and also will be able to a trade on forex. Important: registration data, such as name, birth date must correspond in full with your national id (passport, id, etc.).

  • Download platforms It's necessary to DOWNLOAD the trading terminal to start trading. Trading Terminal is modern, functional terminals, available for installation to PC as well as to all mobile devices.

  • Try yourself on demo-account READ MORE Demo-account gives you an opportunity to get experience of real trading with virtual money without risking your own real money.

  • Open  LIVE TRADING ACCOUNT . Choose your trading ACCOUNT TYPES (Standard, Mini, Micro, Binary, HFT, LTS, or CFD) and leverage.

  • Make a deposit to your real trading account (read more). Once you have mastered trading on demo-account, make a deposit to your real account and start earning real money.

  • Conduct successful trading. Choose the most appropriate type of account. Get profit not only from currency trading, but from stock, futures, gold and silver trading, binary Options, Cryptocurrencies.

  • Be sure to check the TRADING CONDITIONS of different account types and CONTRACT SPECIFICATIONS.


Question: What documents should I submit for certification of User?

The documents that you upload for certification of user must fit the following requirements :


  1. It must be color scan of your national passport or national id card (international passport is also suitable);

  2. Any other documents except the listed above will be considered unnecessary and unsuitable;

  3. If you don't have a scanner, you can upload a photo of your document. In that case photo must be high quality, so we can read the information on the document;

  4. Scans must be in color, not black and white;

  5. If any substantial information like the number of document is written on the back-side of id, please upload both sides of id;

  6. In order to speed up the certification (approval) please turn your document over to correct order after scanning, so it can be easily and conveniently read;

  7. Forged documents are not suitable for certification;

  8. Size of uploaded documents must not exceed 2 MB;

  9. Uploaded files must be of gif, jpeg, jpg, png formats;

  10. When uploading the documents for certification of user, please fill your document details in the form (first of all, fill in the document number). If this requirement is not fulfilled, the certification request may be declined.

Question: Where is my money held?

 Answer   : Funds are deposited into a client segregated accounts in the name of the clients themselves, there are no ATM Cards or Cheque Books of such accounts and no one could WITHDRAWAL the funds accept the client himself after filling the withdrawal form and submitting it to Axiom Traders Accounts Department at ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT



Question: What time is Axiom Traders Live Chat Available?

 Answer    : Axiom Traders Live Chat is available 5/24 starting from Monday 00:00 HRS to Saturday 02:15 HRS +4GMT 


Question: What are your platform trading hours? 

Answer    : 5/24 starting from Monday 00:00 HRS to Saturday 02:15 HRS  +4GMT (one hour increases in winter timings)


Question: How do I deposit funds? 

Answer    : There are several options for depositing funds, including Bank Transfers, Cheque, Credit Card, Global Collect like Neteller, Skrill, Moneybookers, Western Union, Money Gram and Direct Deposit.  CLICK HERE


Question: How long will it take for funds to appear in my Live Account?

Answer: Funds clear overnight so should appear in your Live Account the following working day but can take up to 3-4 days. If funds are deposited on Friday it could take 3-4 working days starting from Monday as a working day.


Question: How do I withdraw funds? 

Answer    : Simply fill up the ONLINE WITHDRAWAL REQUEST FORM and send the scanned copy to ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT, once we receive the form we will send the confirmation in your mail and also the funds withdrawal source and time.


Question: How do you calculate the value of a pip? 

Answer    : If to 5 decimal places, then use the following formula: (0.00001 / Spot Price) * Lot Size


Question: How do you calculate the margin per trade?

Answer    : Overall Lot Size / Leverage Amount For example: 2 lots at 400:1 contract size for 2 lots will be 200,000 / 400 = 500 margin required  


Question: Why does the demo only last 30 days? 

Answer    : The demo are only a basic overview to show how the platform works. You can