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World and Wealth Limited provides its traders world's well knowed trading softwares to trade with instant execuation and some times without the dealing desk. Working on Forex international currency market presupposes trader's application of some leading software, which is in abundance at present. And a trader only needs to follow the releases of the newest Forex software and to analyze its advantages. Forex software begins with a broker and finishes with automatic software widely known as EAs, numerous brokers provide them toll-free or for a small fee. Forex software is a strong trading instrument in the trader's hands. Without software employing it is impossible to work and conduct operations at currency market. The more effective the software, the more successful and profitable the trading will be.


Nowadays, many brokers and dealing centers offer personal software developments.


As of today, it is very difficult to choose corresponding software for trading with a comfortable and easy interface, meeting the criteria of a trader's strategy. There are several types of software:


  1. Software with application of Forex charts. On this kind of trading platform a trader has a possibility to trade on real accounts with real money. This software has quotes option, which is used to detect the current price readings for a corresponding trading. Using this software will let a trader follow the trading process.

  2. Automatic software. This type of software is intended for organization of trading without direct involvement of a trader. The principle of this software functioning lies in the fact that a trading process is held in automatic mode with almost no participation of a trader.

  3. Software – a system of trading signals. The trading signals system is usually composed by people, who are not related to brokerage companies. This software assumes that a trader chooses the Forex technical indicators by himself, and they maximally meet the requirements of trading conduct. Trading signals are used with a purpose of a trader's realization of the situation at market and so that a trader knew when to enter and leave the market.


The definition of major software characteristics is very significant for a trader. Another important characteristic of software is security from attacks. Software should have a program support and be updated once in a certain period of time. Moreover, it is very essential that software had a function of data copying, making and storing copies.


Pertinent software allows a trader to plan correctly his time of trading and yield to the utmost at the currency market. Software considerably eases trader's work at Forex. But in order to choose the software it is necessary to test the program and only after that one can use it for day-to-day trade on Forex international currency market.

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