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Axiom Traders aims to provide the best knowledge and share the experience with all newcomers in the FX trading business, People become professional with experience, and they are not born that way. And the way “newcomers” become professional is by constantly learning and developing skills. Axiom Traders aims to provide a proper knowledge and education to its newcomers and professionals and it very easy to start just in 1 day. 


In order to find answers to questions you may have, please review the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section. You can gain a better appreciation of money market terms by consulting the Forex-Terminology, where the most frequently found finance market terms are defined.


By visiting the Education Tab you can easily increase your knowledge of the money market and increase your professionalism in the field of internet-trading by reading about and discussing other traders’ experiences. As you find answers to your questions from real traders, you also gain valuable experience that works for real account trading.


You can trade on a Live Trading Account, even during the learning process, with amounts of money that are not critical for you. And this is the main benefit of Axiom Traders You can trade for real, while learning. Only working with a real trading account can give a trader the skill set and trading psychology necessary for successfully trading later on with larger amounts of money.


If these options don’t meet your needs, Axiom Traders also offers round the clock consulting services 24/5, and is ready to answer any questions you may have while trading with your account.



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