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IB Reward Terms & Conditions


Main Provisions of the Program:


  1. 1st Quarter - January 1st till March 31st; 2nd Quarter - April 1st till June 30th; 3rd Quarter - July 1st till September 30th; 4th Quarter - October 1st till December 31st.

  2. To participate in the particular Quarter of the IB Reward program, the IB has to register in it during this Quarter, by sending us a request with his IB account number, to info@axiom-traders.com21

  3. The Reward is added to the balance of the IB account at the beginning of the next Quarter for the results of the previous Quarter during the first 15 days of the new Quarter.

  4. In order to participate in the IB Reward Program, the IB has to meet minimum requirements of the program (to introduce at least 5 new active clients during the Quarter if not said otherwise).

  5. Each IB can participate only in one of three reward programs during the Quarter. The nomination for each IB is chosen automatically.

  6. In case if an IB wins a reward next Quarter for a different nomination, he or she can't be nominated for the Additional Efforts Awards.

  7. The participants of the program automatically give their permission to publish the results of the program on our website. The results will include the participants' name, the Nomination, and the Reward size.

  8. Abuse of the rules of the IB Reward Program or any attempt to defraud the system will lead to disqualification from the IB Reward Program and complete disqualification from the IB Program.

  9. The company reserves the right to resolve any contentious issues between any of its participants at its own discretion

The IB Reward Program is available till September 31st, 2023 starting from 1st July, 2023


Questions, Concerns or Complaints

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or chat 24/5. Please mail us at


Axiom Traders Limited
Titoff Place, 
24.5 Old Northern Highways
Boston Village,
Belize District, Belize
Central America

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