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Axiom Traders Meta Trader Features wuth HFT Trading



Axiom Traders and HFT-LTS Accounts


Axiom Traders has developed its own HFT and Laser Trading Technology based on 'Master Account' and 'Slave Account'. Our system provides Back End System with the Liquidity Providers. The Feed Manager Server through the Gateway gathers the liquidity (feeds) from different liquidity provider and through our LTT (Laser Trading Technology) Axiom Traders will deliver those feeds into Master Accouny Server (MT5 Broker) and Slave Account Server (MT4 Broker) as shown in the below picture.


The system then take the BEST BID or BEST ASK from either of the MT5 brokers and opens one side in the Slave Account and closes the open position into the Slave Account after taking the liquidation price from the Master Account.

Electronic Market Making


Liquidity-Providing Strategies that mimic the traditional role market makers once played. These strategies involve making a two-sided market aiming at profiting by earning the bid-ask spread. This has evolved into what is known as Passive Rebate Arbitrage


Statistical Arbitrage


Traders look to correlate prices between securities and currencies in some way and trade off the imbalances in those correlations.


Liquidity Detection


Traders look to decipher whether there are large orders existing in a matching engine by sending out small orders (“pinging”) to look for where large orders might be resting. When a small order is filled quickly, there is likely to be a large order behind it.



Advantages and Benefits OF MT5


Trading on any one particular system differs from trading on another. Whilst there is no definitive trading platform that satisfies's all the traders needs, the  MT4 platform offers a number of benefits to the end user.


In addition to the above benefits there are many other features the platform offers such as different trade execution features, email and alerts. All in all, the MT4 platform is all you need to start trading in the forex markets efficiently.


  • Ease of use through its user friendly interface.

  • News feeds directly into the trading platform.

  • Preprogrammed analytical tools.

  • The ability to overlay analytical studies.

  • Multiple charting and analysis.

  • Encourages the development of

  • Expert Advisors and allows the use of them.

  • Multi-lingual platform.

  • Daily account statement.

  • Real time client account summary,

  • including account equity, floating profit and loss etc.

  • Trailing stop loss facility.

  • Low latency 

  • One Click Trading

Client Terminal

Mobile Trader

Web Trading with MetaTrader 5

Trade Forex straight from your browser


The MetaTrader 5 Web platform allows you to start trading from your favorite browser in just a couple of clicks. You may use any browser and operating system. All you need to have is an Internet connection.

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