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$1000 Startup Bonus TC


This offer applies to USD accounts opened from 01/01/2020 for $1000 Startup Bonus


This agreement is an addition to the Public Offer. By accepting the terms of the Bonus Agreement, you accept the offer.


Principles of bonus program.


  1. The Axiom Traders Limited Start-Up Bonus is a no deposit bonus.

  2. Every new Client of the Company has the right to get this bonus.

  3. When opening an account, to which the Axiom Traders Limited - Bonus will be credited, the Client is required to specify the data that matches the one in his/her ID. It is prohibited to change personal data such as the full name once the Bonus is credited.

  4. The Axiom Traders StartUp Bonus is not available for AxTr MINI 01 Accounts and AxTr MICRO 001 Accounts.

  5. The Axiom Traders No Deposit Bonus of $100 is available only for AxTr MINI 01 Accounts and AxTr MICRO 001 Accounts.

  6. The bonus funds are not available for withdrawal; however, profits gained from trading the bonus funds can be withdrawn if all requirements stated in this Agreement are fulfiled and met.

  7. The Client agrees that  Axiom Traders Limited reserves the right to fix and/or reduce profits available for withdrawal in an amount equal to 20% of the Axiom Traders Limited StartUp Bonus. Trading is suspended at the time of this restriction.

  8. The Client agrees that in some cases Axiom Traders Limited can ask him/her to replenish his/her account with real funds. At the same time.

  9. The Client agrees that profits on accounts with Axiom Traders Limited StartUp Bonus are distributed proportionally between the real deposited funds and the bonus profits on the account.

  10. At the same time, a part of the profits proportional to the profits made from the bonus funds can be temporarily limited for withdrawal until a certain number of trades are made in accordance with the clause 12 of this Agreement.

  11. After any withdrawal from the account, profits gained with Axiom Traders Limited StartUp Bonus are canceled in the amount equal to the withdrawal amount.

  12. Fixed bonus profits can be withdrawn after a certain amount of BUY or SELL trades are completed. The total volume of the trades should equal to X*2 Standard lots, where X is the total volume of fixed bonus profits. Only the total and full amount of bonuses can be withdrawn, partial withdrawals are impossible.

  13. In order to withdraw bonus funds from a trading account, a trader should send a request by following the number of trades which will appear at the back office or the client's account statement when the necessary amount of lots has been reached. The amount of the bonus intended for withdrawal should be fully available on the trading account when a manager considers the withdrawal request. Axiom Traders Limited reserves the right to decline the request for bonus withdrawal without explaining the reason.



  1. In some cases, in order to protect the Client's deposit from unnecessary risks, the bonus can be canceled. In most cases, the Axiom Traders Limited guarantees that when applying this paragraph, a bonus equal to the sum of deposit will be credited to the Client's account.

  2. The Client agrees that in case of decrease in the level of current funds (equity/funds ratio) on the account below the level of current bonus funds, i.е. when the point of current losses exceeds the client's real funds on the trading account, all funds from this moment will be calculated as bonus funds in full in case of no subsequent deposits on the account. In the event of deposit, funds on the account are being calculated and distributed between the bonus funds and the client's real funds in proportion to the amount of deposit and the value of the bonus funds at the time of the deposit.

  3. Axiom Traders Limited reserves the right to amend or modify the campaign terms without prior notice.

  4. The official language of the Agreement is English. In case of variant readings of a translated version and the Agreement in English, the Agreement in English are considered as a prior reference standard.



This offer applies to USD accounts opened from 01/06/2021 for $100 No Deposit Bonus Bonus


This agreement is an addition to the Public Offer. By accepting the terms of the Bonus Agreement, you accept the offer.


Principles of bonus program.


Axiom Traders offers new customers an unparalleled campaign − the No Deposit Bonus up to $100 Every trader who opened a live trading account with Axiom Traders can get the No Deposit Bonus. To receive it, you do not need to have the initial deposit. Having received a fixed amount at registration, you can start trading on the forex market.

To get the bonus, you need to proceed to registration of your live trading account and follow the simple verification procedure. The main condition to get the bonus is the absence of other bonuses, including fixed bonuses, 30% Bonus, 50% Bonus. and 100% Bonus.

Every client of Axiom Traders is entitled to receive the No Deposit Bonus only once. Moreover, the broker provides flexible conditions to receive the No Deposit Bonus mean that customers can withdraw bonus funds in case of efficient forex trading.

Step 1. Live account registration
To register trading account, please go to the Opening a live account page.

Step 2. Verification
The verification procedure is quite simple. All that you need is to upload the scanned copy of your passport or other document proving your identity in the Verification section of Client Cabinet. After uploading, you will be notified within 72 hours whether your account has been assigned the status of greater credibility.

Step 3. Bonus request
After the completion of registration and verification, your account will be assigned the second-level verification status. Then you will be offered to submit an order for receiving the No Deposit Bonus. You will need to enter your trading account details. In case your account was not verified, Axiom Traders reserves the right to refuse to credit a fixed No Deposit Bonus amount to your account.

Step 4. Bonus Withdrawal
The No Deposit Bonus is allowed for withdrawal provided that the trade volume of both buy and sell trades are equal to X*25 Axiom Traders lots where X is the total amount of the bonuses received  (all the bonuses ever gained are taken into account, including cancelled or partially lost ones).

Only the whole bonus amount is allowed for withdrawal, there is no possibility to partially withdraw the bonus.
To withdraw bonus funds from your trading account, please send your request to Axiomees Bonus Department.

The use of this bonus is restricted, so please carefully read the Bonus Agreement before accepting its terms.








$100 No Deposit Bonus TC