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Axiom Traders and you

Management Philosophy


As an organization our philosophy is based on the principles of responsibility and respect for others. People who join the family of Axiom Traders know they are joining an environment that promotes self-growth, creativity and a real sense of achievement. Anything worth doing is always worth doing well and everything we do is worth doing.


We seek individuals of the highest caliber.  Individuals who have the knowledge, responsibility and commitment to the same ideals we hold as a company. Individuals who want to be in the queue of successors who built their career from a seed to a trunk of a tree, we’re looking for outstanding candidates who are looking for a stage to shine on and need the challenges of a busy corporate culture to take them to the next level in their professional development.


Do You Have What You Need?


If you are feeling to go on top of the world now, and you should go because you are young, energetic, and above all, optimistic - all charged up to take the bull by the horns. Brimming with ideas, too? So why not join the career into the online trading business worldwide. As we work in a highly competitive international market. The world of currency trading is constantly changing and our services need to adapt to keep Axiom Traders at the cutting edge in our industry. Our candidates need to be as outstanding and adaptable as the services as offer as a company.


We need you to be


We need employees who have a love affair with technology. Strong online expertise, a sense of teamwork, strong interpersonal skills and the drive and desire for managerial advancement. Our clients come from all walks of life and from varied cultural backgrounds. Our team needs to reflect the diversity of our customer for us to offer the best possible levels of service.


Equal Employment Opportunity


Axiom Traders is an equal opportunity employer. Character, skill and ability are the only merits we look for in our team.


Benefits and Professional Development


Axiom Traders offers a generous package of employee benefits designed around a simple core philosophy. Boosting productivity through promoting harmony and well-being in the working environment. That along with a generous contribution package made for professional development and financial security.


The Axiom Traders Recruitment process



  •    Job requirement          - specific needs are identified within the company

  •    Job description             - position is outlined and key skills and competencies identified

  •    Selection process        - applications are screened and a shortlist of candidates is created

  •    Interview                        - shortlist candidates are interviewed

  •    Appointment                - the best candidate selected and an offer of employment is extended