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Apply For Your Withdrawal 


Please read the terms and conditions give below before filling the online form.

Terms and Conditions for Withdrawal of Funds


1.      I understand that if my transfer requires a conversion of currency because my trading accounts are denominated in different currencies Axiom Traders Limited will obtain a wholesale rate from our Banking Institution and automatically convert my funds in order to process the transfer.

2.      I will transfer the funds from my account to another account if all accounts will be in my name.

3.      If in any of my accounts have open trades, in such case only the FREE Margin in my accounts will be able to be withdrawable.

4.      I also understand that withdrawal will be processed during USA business hours only (9am - 5pm EST) and it can take up to 4-5 working days to be processed and transferred.

5.      I also understand that once I have requested the withdrawal and the same amount requested will be debited for my account once the request is received by the Accounts Department.

6.      Axiom Traders Limited will not process any forms that are not signed by the correct signatory. Third Party payments are not permitted.

7.      Axiom Traders Limited will not accept any third-party transfers. All funds received must be returned to the account they came from. (Beneficiary's name and Client name must be the same)

8.      Axiom Traders Limited incurs bank charges for outward remittances that will be passed on to the customer. A charge of USD $25.00 will apply to all outward remittances.

9.      Withdrawals in a currency different to your Axiom Traders Limited platform account will incur an FX exchange along with an extra USD $25.00 charge.

10.  Your request will be processed within next business day from receipt with value date Today+1 (value the next business day), provided that the request is received with sufficient and clear details, there is sufficient balance in your trading account as of the value date and valid signature(s) that matches our record. 




All accounts traded with other third-party brokers for HFT, Laser, Arbitrage and other types of accounts, all withdrawals will be processed as per the policies and terms set by the third-party brokers. For further information please feel free to mail us at

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