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Forex Arbitrage Trading

Liquidity Providers

Axiom Traders Arbitrage Trader is an intelligent trader that connects to two different accounts in two different brokers, and makes hedge trades at the same time when the difference between prices in the two brokers makes profits for you.


With Arbitrage Trader you can configure many parameters that save you from loosing your equity, it just makes trades when it is profitable. Just have 2 different accounts with 2 different brokers which use the Arbitrage Trader and start trading usinf the parameters set in the option tab.


  •  Open live account with Axiom Traders

  •  Trade Standard account with 2 different brokers 1. Axiom Traders and 2. we will refer you

  •  Trade Share in over 20 Countries: USA | UK | Germany | France | and more

  •  Receive dividendes as if you help the shares itself with Minimal Fees

  •  You can start with minimum $10000 for Arbitrage Trader Account deposit with each broker

  •  Low spreads and margins in all trading Instruments

  •  Leverage from 1:100 - 1:300

  •  Easy Deposits and Withdrawals

  •  5/24 Live Support

  •  Daily Market Commentary and Pivot Point Study

  •  More than 50 Currencies Pair

  •  Spot Metals Gold and Silver 

  •  Make your own Risk Management Strategies

  •  Go through the useful information


Minimal FEES Axiom Traders Charge


Spreads Only or Commission


Axiom Traders is compensated for its services through the "market spread". or will charge $10 on a Standard Contract traded for Arbitrage Trader.

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