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Axiomees White Label Partners

A WhiteLabel Partnership with Axiom Traders is a fast track to enter or grow your presence and revenue in the online foreign exchange industry. Axiom Traders provides a full ECN /STP business model solution, eliminating all market risk exposure, providing a vast array of products, with the most competitive pricing. Axiom Traders White Label service lets financial organizations offer their clients the entire array of Axiom Traders trading opportunities under their own brand name using our software.


Axiom Traders specialists provide technical support during installation and setup of the trading platform, as well as consultations if any questions arise.


Benefits of Axiom Traders  White Label:

  • The industry's— most competitive spreads;

  • Orders filled within tens of milliseconds;

  • ECN accounts from $1000;

  • STP accounts – from $10;

  • Real market order execution;

  • Low trading commissions;

  • Market Depth with 5 levels of BID/ASK prices and volumes;

  • Free unlimited demo accounts;

  • SWAP free Islamic accounts;

Axiom Traders White Label service is provided as follows. To establish service, the client must pay a one-time fee of $10,000 for installation of a specialized terminal that will be set up to client specifications within one week. Technical support for the service comes with a fee of $750/month, with the first two monthly payments due at the start of the contract. When you use the White Label service, you receive a commission of 50% that can be increased based on your success as an Axiom Traders partner.


What we offer:


Axiom Traders ECN gives you the access to aggregated liquidity from the industry's largest liquidity providers (LPs): banks, international exchanges and other ECNs. Due to multiple LPs we generate a price feed with competitive low spreads. With combined liquidity from the key players of the FX-industry we can execute large-volume orders within only tens of milliseconds. Your clients' orders are placed in the Level 2 order book and can be utilized by other participants of the ECN. As clients act as both Liquidity Providers and Liquidity Receivers, our technology allows order execution even if external LPs do not provide a suitable quote.

Liquidity – Axom Traders is one of the largest and most technologically advanced liquidity pools in the Forex market.

MetaTrader (MT4) is the world's most trusted and reliable Forex trading platform. It is intuitive, packed with powerful analytical tools, and has great potential for automatic trading.

PAMM is a powerful cutting-edge strategy replicating tool. A trader can choose from a list of strategy providers (called Masters) with a proven track record of successful trading. The Master's trading strategy will then be reproduced in relation to the client's funds. FXOpen PAMM technology automatically calculates the Master's remuneration and credits it to the Master's account in accordance with the terms of the Master's offer. The Master has full control over trading via the Meta Trader 4 terminal. Even though the Master's and the Followers' funds are virtually traded as one unit, the Master has no access whatsoever to withdrawing the Slaves' funds. Automatic allocation of Master's remuneration guarantees that both sides will honor the terms of their agreement.




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