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Why the Forex?


Money Trader? Every successful trader needs a great set of tools to help them make money when trading the markets. The tools that we offer MTI can be used effectively to trade and make money in any market. As you have heard it said, a chart is a chart is a chart. If you will take the time to look around our site and take us up on our free trial offer to our services, you will soon see the value of the knowledge that we are willing to share with you.


More Bang for Your Trading Dollar


You may ask yourself, Why would I want to trade the FOREX?….The answer is simple, its called leverage. Frankly no market can provide you the leverage that the FOReign EXchange or FOREX can. You can effectively use US$1000 to control US$100,000. No secret formulas, no smoke and mirrors and no Indian chants, just a sound application of technical analysis coupled with a logical money management strategy. We can’t guarantee that every trade will be a winner and you wouldn’t believe us if we did, but we can say that consistently applying the right methodology can produce profits over the long haul. Leverage is a double-edged sword. Without proper risk management, this high degree of leverage can lead to large losses as well as gains.


Forex Traders But & Sell Currenct Lots


To control 1 currency lot the trader will need US $1,000 in margin. When the price of 1 lot moves 1 point it makes approximately US $1,000. When it moves 2 points it makes US$2,000. When it moves 5 points it makes US $5,000 and so on, all from the original amount of US$1,000 invested.


  • 1 point move is divided into PIPS. Like US$1.00 has 100 pennies.

  • Currency Traders are trying to capture PIPS. 1 PIP is approximately equal to US $10.

  • To get started trading all you need is a minimum of $300.00 in a trading account.

  • To open a DEMO Account Click Here

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