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Why Axiom Traders?

Axiom’s business model  offers complete anonymity, full transparency, advanced execution, direct and competitive market prices and spreads. This creates a trading environment with no re-quotes and no conflict of interests or bias against any trader or trading strategy

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Equal Possibilities for Clients to Enter

All Axiom Traders Clients have equal possibilities to enter bids and offers, Axiom Traders clients are considered all as one client doesn't matter the client is trading a micro account with $100 or a standard account of $10,000 or more. Axiom Traders provides personalized services to all of its clients.

We Ensure Each Client for Same Price

Anonymity on the trades, we ensures all clients see the same neutral prices. This ensures that our rates are free from bias potentially introduced by a dealer’s expectation of whether the client is going long or short based on the dealer’s knowledge. 

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We Ensure No Dealing Desk

Axiom Traders eliminates conflicts of interest inherent in some other dealing desk platforms. We do not take positions against our clients; we fill client’s orders from the best bid/offer prices available to us from our liquidity providers. A typical dealing desk forex broker profits from your trading losses. 

Our State-Of-Art Trading Platform

Axiom Traders offers its clients diversified sophisticated and state-of-the-art trading platform. Our trading platform is built with the latest technology to ensure our clients receive and enjoy the highest possible level of service. As our client, you can choose the forex trading platform that best fits your needs and particular trading style.

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Low Commissions & Tight Spreads

A spread is essentially the difference between the bid and the ask price. As traders always trade one currency for another, Forex currencies are often quoted based on the current price compared to the other. To make things easy, they are written in pairs. E.g. EUR/USD (Euro/US Dollar) – EUR is the ‘base currency’ and USD is the ‘counter’. If it takes $1.5 EUR to buy $1 USD, this would be written as 1.5/1.

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